Frequently Asked Questions


Can I promote my business and sell/trade my items on MoorMart, too?

Yes! Well, after filling out the Business Venture Form and receiving approval. You can fill out the form here: You may also promote your business on the MoorMart site as well by purchasing a 6:month subscription for only $3. You can select this pricing plan here: MoorMartAmexem.coom/promotion

What are the benefits of being a member of the MoorMart community?

All MoorMart members receive exclusive deals and discount offers. Members also permitted to create blogs, comment on other blogs and forums for networking, as well as earn badges for recognition and plenty more. In otherwards, be more active and informed within the MoorMart community. You also have to be a member to have your business promoted on the site.

How can I make a donation or contribution?

Donations are gratefullly accepted here. If you'd like to support a particular cause, you may also also check out the different actions and plans taking forth on our Contributions page to contribute to a particular foundation. We truly give thanks in advance.


Why are of my items delivered separately?

Many businesses trade products through MoorMart, so if you order several items they may be arrive on separately.

What is your return policy?

Generally, there is a 30-day return policy, if there is an issue with the product and/or service provided. Contact must be made within 7 days of the order, depending on the circumstance. However, it is possible that business clients have custom return policies which is included in the item description. It may be redacted to better fit customer experience.

How long to ship my order?

All orders are to be shipped within 7 days. Most orders are shipped within 24-72 hours. Any items subject to longer shipping and delivery is instructed to be communicated in the item description.