Malaria Eradication Tea

Malaria Eradication Tea

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For those seeking a non-synthetic method to eliminate the malaria threat from the body. Our formula, proven successful by the healing of thousands of Living-Souls across the planet, conscientiously prepared by the Amexem-Moor-Empire: Minister For The Health And Phytotherapy. 

One (1) order is a 7-day remedy. Available in both raw and granuale form.


Raw (1 gallon/16 cups)= 1 patient
Granular (3 gallons/48 cups)= Up to 3 patients


    IWO HERBS is one of the most successful businesses within the Amexem-Moor-Empire:Jurisdtiction; operated by the Minsiter for the Health & Phytotherapy, Master of 300+ herbs and produces Malaria-Eradication Tea for the Imperial-Disease-Eradication And Emergency-Response-Agency.


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  • Contribute Towards Natural-Healing

    Contact us to assist in making and providing ~100 of these formulas in the granuals-form (each unit makes 3: gallons as opposed to the raw-form you see here which only makes 1: gallon so we can provide them with even more assistance).

    One of the eighteen (18): units of the Anti-Malaria: Herbal-Formula of the providing by: His-Imperial-Majesty's: Imperial-Government unto the constituents doing business with the legal-fiction: in-contemplation = [NIGER-REPUBLIC]. Saving and improving lives is what we do!

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