Shungite Protective Plate

Shungite Protective Plate


Shungite protective plate for the mobile phone set is very simple:

  1. Peel it from the card
  2. Stick it on the back cover of the mobile phone


Based on the research shungite plates, it was found that tends to suppress shungite electromagnetic radiation in the range from 100 kHz to 2000 MHz and attenuate the electromagnetic signal is more than 275 thousand times.
Thus, when entering the interaction with electromagnetic radiation shungite plate suppresses it more than 70%


 Such a plate can be easily attached to a mobile or wireless phones and locates more than 70% of the pathogenic radiation. Shungite consists of amino microporous silicate framework and filling the frame carbon, small globules of which is represented by molecules having a spherical shape, the so-called fullerenes. Shungite relates to rare species strong diamagnetic, in which an external electromagnetic field induces an internal field which has an opposite orientation relative to the external field.
Due to its composition and structure, shungite has a large internal surface and thus a high adsorption capacity, electrical conductivity and ability to substantially localize the effects of electromagnetic fields.


Results from clinical studies conducted in Russia showed that prolonged contact with the electromagnetic field can lead to the development of the disease, received the name "radiowave sickness." The clinical picture of the disease is determined, above all, changes in the functional state of the nervous and cardiovascular systems. People for a long time in the zone of exposure, complain:



1. Weakness
2. Irritability
3. Fatigue
4. Memory Impairment
5. Sleep Disorders
6. Disorders of autonomic nervous system functions
7. Hypotension
8. Heart pain
9. Instability pulse
10. Fussiness
11. Violated attention and memory
Electromagnetic radiation negative effect on the human body and is proven.
To protect the human body from the adverse effects of electromagnetic fields have been created plates for mobile phone


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