Shungite Pyramid

Shungite Pyramid

Unpolished Shungite pyramid:

Size: Approximately 1.25" x 1.25" (inches)
Range: 3-6' (feet)
	Decreases headache and muscle pain;
	Increases the efficiency and energy potential;
	Stabilizes the psychoemotional  state;
	Improves the resistance to stress;
	Increases the ability to concentrate;
	Restores the energetic balance;
	Save from the irritability and normalizes;

Period of validity is unlimited. Shungite pyramid is recharged in the sun: its life power will be fully restored in couple of hours.
Shungite pyramid for active computer users is the protective shield and the generator of vivacity. Put one shungite pyramid on your desk in order to reduce the technologic influence to natural level. It will be better to carry it every day for the strongest protection – a small figure creates the powerful barrier that protect not only from EMF but also from the psychic vampires.

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