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i, curtis anthony morrison el, en capitis nolo, en propria persona, sui juris, en proprio solo, and en proprio heredes; the living sentient heir, am not lost at sea; and i affirm and declare my right uv reversion uv estate and therefore i make no claim with respect to the title and misrepresented name, man uv straw, and nom de guerre being a title and the spurious creations of the foreign de facto UNITED STATES corporate operators, actors, and owners; and i surrender and assign any and all reversionary interests to the foreign UNITED STATES and to its subsidiaries for full aquittance, discharge, settlement, and closure of my reliance title 12 usc 95(a) part 2; and i assume no liabilities or debts however contrived among its associates; and i do not consent to stand as surety for the foreign-private-for-profit UNITED STATES INCORPORATED/U.S. CORPORATION COMPANY entities, owners, directors or their administrators; nor do i stand as surety for its subsidiaries or its associates at any point or moment in time.